Southern Counties Survey Action Plan

Summary of Findings

  • The study demonstrated that you wanted more local events, be able to know and communicate with other members within your area.
  • A high percentage wanted a high degree of access to more technical help whether that was maintenance tips, modification assistance or help with restoration.
  • Whilst nearly all wanted email as the primary channel of communication, and members accepted Revcounter as their main source of information, they wanted a more dynamic and interactive approach.
  • Website attendance was shown to be wanting but having more informative content would be attractive.

Action Plan

Geography of Events/Activities (Q2,3,13,15,16,19,20)

  • Introduce additional smaller groups in the Southern Counties region to encourage more local drive events and attendance to more Nogg n Natter events at venues local to the Subgroups. Encourage sharing of places, routes and good watering holes to other members in the Southern Counties Region.
  • The new sub areas will be as follows: –
    • EAST SUSSEX with the centre of the group being Newick.
    • WEST SUSSEX with the centre of the group being Pulborough.
    • EAST KENT with the centre of the group being Egerton
    • WEST KENT with the centre of the group being Bessel Green.
    • SURREY to remain as is current.

Communication (Q8,9,11,20)

  • Introduce the new release “Members Map” which provides the capability of member-to-member communication via email through the members only section of the Centre Web site under the Southern Counties Region. (Details of this will be forwarded in due course)
  • Encourage use of WhatsApp for each subgroup.
  • Maintain the current method of using emails and Facebook.

Information Flow (Q2,3,8,9,10,12,20)

  • In addition to Revcounter, Website and Facebook as channels of information, the committee will seek Area Co-Ordinators for each Sub Area who will channel pop up announcements using the available formats mentioned above.
  • The Southern Counties Website will also be a channel of information (see below).
  • A volunteer Events Co-Ordinator will be sought to channel third party links of relevant events, in addition collating sporting events of interest.

Technical Assistance (Q13,20)

  • There are solutions being considered utilising the existing on-line Healey Forum on the National website.
  • In the meantime, a volunteer for the position of Technical Liaison Officer will be sought to support queries that communication between members cannot resolve.
  • Furthermore, members will be encouraged to use the links now available on the Southern Counties Website.
  • The Technical Liaison Officer will be encouraged to provide external resources of interest to members and support the promotion of members sharing knowledge of their restoration projects on the SC website.
  • The development of an Index Linked Forum is vital to support technical matters and should be available for all AHC members.

Website (Q9,10)

  • Whilst the study showed that the visit to the website was low the committee still regards it as an important place for all interested parties.  It is considered as a vehicle for stored information however we do accept their needs, to be more relevant and broader content.
  • We will continue to provide a calendar of events including reference to third party activity of note and include sporting events of interest.
  • Introduce the provision of a sport section whereby members can, through the webmaster, describe their experience and recommendations of such events.
  • Have a section, for members to recommend, superb routes in their local areas, places of local interest, good watering holes and picnic areas.
  • Provide a section for members to describe their restoration projects they wish to share with other members.
  • Provide further links to technical forums (third party) as they may be discovered.

Next Steps

  • The committee will create an implementation plan deciding on which elements of the action plan should be prioritised.
  • Inform the membership of that plan.
  • Notify the members what group they will be allocated. (Please note you can attend whatever group you desire).
  • Inform the members the requirements to participate in the Member-to-Member Map program.
  • Provide to the members, the progress of the plan.
  • Arrange a ‘follow up’ survey if deemed appropriate.
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