October News Brief.

I am pleased to report that quite a lot of things have been going on around the Centre but first some news of immediate future events. Autumn LeavesI think most of you will be aware that that historically, we have run a planned drive in October under the description of Autumn Leaves. I am very happyContinue reading “October News Brief.”

New Event – visit to Hardy Engineering

Ever wondered how your overdrive works?HARDY ENGINEERING at Leatherhead are the people to ask.I am very pleased to announce a special event for all members with an interest in the technical side of our cars. Our friends, Hardy Engineering, leading transmission specialists have agreed to open their workshops especially for the Austin Healey Club SouthernContinue reading “New Event – visit to Hardy Engineering”

May Newsletter

Looking Forward to Normal Service – Hello to all Southern Counties Members. We are now well into 2021 and all looking forward to the second half of the year when we can hopefully resume something like ‘normal service’ and enjoy some social events with our cars. It is anticipated that from July we will beContinue reading “May Newsletter”


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