Addendum Message from the Chairman

Further to the Downing Street Presentation on Monday afternoon I thought it appropriate to add a few words to my News Brief regarding the events that now fall within the extended period of Covid Restrictions.  Daffodil RunPlanned to go ahead. The hotel has provided assurance that it has suitable processes in place, meeting Covid Requirements toContinue reading “Addendum Message from the Chairman”

A Little Bit of History

Those of you who read the last Southern Scene in Revcounter will remember that there was a reference to the early history of Southern Counties and the Austin Healey Club. Shortly after it was published I received an email from long term member Bob Beaumont, in which he said; ‘I have been a member since 1974 andContinue reading “A Little Bit of History”


Dear Austin Healey Club Southern Counties Member, I am writing to you as lockdown is beginning to ease and the better weather has enabled us to think about using our Healeys again. This year has started with some events having to be cancelled or rescheduled although some events are still going ahead giving optimism forContinue reading “APRIL NEWS BRIEF – IMPORTANT INFO”