July News Brief

Hello and Welcome to the July News Brief

Orchard Restorations Open Day
Here we are in July already and I must say we have had some lovely Healey Driving weather over the past few weeks. On one of those lovely days Orchard Restorations held their Annual Open Day, the first since Covid Restrictions were put in place. I really must congratulate Rob Law and his team for putting on such a great event. This has traditionally been an event supported by Southern Counties and this year was no exception with many new and existing members present with their cars. A few of us arrived early but it was not long before the parking field was getting full with visitors being offered refreshment after their journeys. As usual the workshop was open with an assortment of cars displaying the work being undertaken. Rob was in close attendance and at times quite busy answering questions and carrying out minor repairs and adjustments. For myself I asked Rob why my clutch fluid had gone very discoloured. Rob suggested that it was age related and due to water being absorbed into the fluid. He went off and came back with a special measuring device to check the water content. Needless to say he was absolutely right and and advised a fluid change. Thanks Rob, it always pays to ask the experts. It was especially nice to see Kevin Law and other members of the family. Dave Matthews was also present in the workshop, with much Healey historic information relating to the formative days of the club. Soon the BBQ was ready, from which there was something to suit everyone’s taste. It was really good to, not only have a catch up  with some old friends but also to meet some new members for whom this was a first event. There was an excellent display of Healeys including 1927TD brought by its new owner, a car once owned and driven by Kevin.

Rob said, ‘I Would also like to thank everyone who attended and helped us out on the day. Myself and Kevin were very pleased to see so many familiar faces and meet new club members too. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and the food and drinks. I would  also personally like thank Nick Varlow, Mark Bethell and Ed Friend for all their help’. 
Selection of views from Orchard Restorations Open Day
Aviation Wings Visit

On 14th June a small group of members visited the Aviation Wings Museum near Balcombe. I had arranged this visit a bit blind as I had not previously been there but had it on good authority that it was a worthy place to go. Whilst not a large establishment we were not disappointed. The museum staff were very accommodating and arranged a guided tour of the restoration work not normally available to the public. What an amazing collection of military aviation artefacts. Everything from a Japanese Zero to a Dakota and a Mitchell Bomber to a German V1 with an Austin 7 thrown in for good measure. Everyone who came enjoyed the visit and a fuller report will appear in RevCounter.
 Amazing collection

Forthcoming Event: 23rd July Summer Picnic

News of our next event on Saturday 23rd July, our Summer Picnic. This year our Summer Gathering will be Courtesy of Jeff Snell and held as a joint event with the Sprite and Midget Club. This event is always well attended and is especially suited to New Members as an easy way to meet other club members and there will be several committee members in attendance to help things along. In addition this year is the 60th Anniversary of the AH3000 BJ7 Model so we are planning a small Celebration to mark the occasion. If you would like to come along please email Jeff as soon as possible ( jeff.snell@hotmail.co.uk ) for details including location etc. This is a picnic so please feel free to bring along whatever you think appropriate for a picnic in the Surrey Countryside.

Noggin Note

In my last note  on Noggins, I said that I would try to visit them all in rotation. So far I have managed to get to the inaugural East Sussex Noggin at the Blackboys and the inaugural West Sussex Noggin at the Welldiggers Arms, plus the East Kent Noggin at the Rose and Crown in Mundy Bois, all of which were all well attended. It was a pleasure to meet many new members and also members I had not met before at both evenings. I hope those members who attended enjoyed the evenings as much as I did. However these evenings don’t always go to plan as they are very dependant on the weather, sporting events and the like, which naturally affect attendance. I also visited the North-West Kent Noggin in June and only four members, including myself came along, equally the second Blackboys Noggin fell foul of poor weather conditions and was likewise poorly attended. Whilst this may be disappointing for us as organisers it is a fact of life and this variation in attendance will always be with us but we are always pleased to see you if you choose to come along. All our Noggins are on the Web Site and at the front of RevCounter. I look forward to seeing you at one near you soon.

Update on Member Map and 2024

Those of you who have realised the potential benefits offered by joining the Member Map will doubtless be aware of the current situation but just to advise all members,  the current use of this facility is approximately 15% of the Southern Counties Membership. We really need more members to sign up and join to get the benefit of this simple secure capability enabling members to contact one another. Please have a look and sign up. If you are not sure how come to your nearest Noggin and someone will be pleased to help.

Tail Pipe

As some of you may know I am a Volunteer Steward at Brooklands Museum. Recently on 17th May I witnessed an extraordinary event which was a celebration of the last time that the World Landspeed Record was broken at Brooklands, 17th May 1922. The Speed attained by the Sunbeam Manitou Car driven by Kenholme Lee Guiness was 133.4 mph.  On the 17th May this year the 100th Anniversary of the event was recreated with the actual car in place on the Railway Straight with the Grandson of the original Driver in the car. The picture below shows this event with a steam special on the main line above the car, courtesy of Steam Dreams. If you haven’t been to Brooklands for a while or have never been then ever come along, there is much to see.
Thanks and Happy Healey Driving
Dave Colwell


And Finally – Don’t forget if you are looking for an Austin Healey Sprite check this one out currently being sold by our Honorary President Derek Edwards

 Austin Healey 1960 Red Frogeye Sprite MkI. One owner since 1989. 29475 miles. Overall good condition, excellent interior with black leather trim. Wire wheels, servo assisted brakes, seat belts fitted, Moto-Lita steering wheel, original steering wheel included. BMIHT certificate. The car has been displayed at the Earls Court Motor Show, featured in a TV advert and magazine articles. £17,500. Location Surrey. Contact Derek Edwards on 07850 410830/email: edwards.mgmadness@ntlworld.com.

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