April News Brief

Honorary President: Derek Edwards


Hello and Welcome to the April News Brief
This is both a News Brief and a status report regarding the outcome of a particular element of the 2021 Member Survey and your Committees’ attempt to implement a solution to an identified problem. If you take a look at the map above it is quite revealing as each blue blob represents the geographic position of each one of you 240 odd fully signed up members. This map holds no other information than the fact that there is a member there. It is clear that there are areas of sparse membership, parts of Kent and West Sussex and dense membership mostly mid Sussex, Surrey and West Kent. This together with the desire not to drive very far, gave rise to the need for extra Noggin and Natters to try and avoid members feeling ‘left out’. So we have arranged for two extra meets to be held giving a total of five Noggin and Natters as follows:
East Kent
West Kent
East Sussex
West Sussex
I am pleased to let you know that from Wednesday 13th April a new Noggin will be held at the Blackboys Inn, Blackboys, Lewes road, Uckfield, TN22 5LG from 7pm where your host will be Nick Varlow. Nick is a very active Committee Member so please give him your support by popping along. I am also planning to be there and I understand Rob Law from Orchard Restorations will attend bringing some useful information on E10 fuel usage.

Surrey and West Kent Noggins remain unchanged and I will let you know the new East Kent and West Sussex venues as soon as they are confirmed.

The next item, a clear outcome  from the Survey, was the desire for ad-hoc locally arranged, days or afternoons out. ie. a small group, say maybe up to four or five cars from a localised area (anywhere across the Centre) deciding to visit a National Trust Property or a coastal or inland beauty spot. The problem identified was how would members be aware of or be able to contact one another to arrange such events.
The Solution is derived from the map above and is called the Member Map. In essence it allows any member who wishes to participate, to place themselves on a similar map using their Post Code and a Nickname (if they do not wish to reveal their real name). This enables them to see other members in their local area and contact them by email held invisibly in the background. Equally they are visible to the other participants who may wish to contact them.
What a perfect solution. What could possibly go wrong?

February to End March spread and concentration of the 20 members who have joined the Map
Take a look at the Map above and compare it to the first Map. This is the Member Map from 19th February 2022 and shows each member who has decided to participate. 

There are 240  Members on the first Map.

There are 20 on the Member Map and today this has increased to 25. About half of those are Committee Members who are all anxious that this solution should succeed.

So approximately 5% of Southern Counties Members have so far decided to put themselves on the map. Thank you to all those who have done so.

As Chairman I look every day to see if any more members have joined so that I can send them a personal welcome message and each day I become a little more despondent. Clearly members have not been inspired to join  and the map approach will not work with such a low participation of members. However I will continue to hope that more members will see the benefits and join over time.

Any comment from members would be welcome either direct to me or fed back via the monthly Noggin and Natters. 
Southern Counties at the Le Strange Arms Old HunstantonEvents Update

As I write this the Daffodil Weekend has just completed. And what a great weekend in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside it was with visits to National Trust Oxburgh Hall and Norwich Cathedral. If you haven’t tried this weekend get your name down for next year, you wont be disappointed. The hotel (The LeStrange Arms) welcome us back each year to their lovely site right on the coast at Old Hunstanton. This is a really social weekend with members from many different Centres.

Drive It Day this year on 24th April promises a lovely drive along the Kent/Sussex border to the coast around Rye. It you would like to join in please go to the Web site and our events schedule and send Ed Friend a message (eff@northdownns.org). Details of all events are also in RevCounter with contact details. 

If you have any interest in WWII Aviation I am in the process of arranging a visit to the Wings Museum near Balcombe for Saturday 14th May 2022. If we get a reasonable number of members who would like to attend they will give us a ‘behind the scenes’ tour on the day. Please let me know if you are interested, either email dave.usy862@gmail.com or phone 07711157032.

11th June brings an old favourite with Orchard Restorations Open Day. Not to be missed if you want to see behind the scenes or ask the experts those Technical questions that no one else knows the answer too.
If you would like to go contact Rob Law at Orchard on 01435 812374. 

Looking forward to 6th November with the London to Brighton Run I am pleased to let you know that we have secured more seating in the Victory Inn at Staplefield such that we now have the whole of their back room. However because this is their busiest day of the year they will need confirmation of number by end of May. So if you want to have lunch at the Victory after watching the cars go by then PLEASE LET JEFF SNELL KNOW BY END OF MAY. Call him on 01342 719 247.

Tail Pipe
In my last letter I advised that Keith Charie received a note from a Member based in Gomshall asking if there was any possibility of holding a lunchtime Noggin in his local area (Surrey Hills/Guildford etc), this because family commitments made attending evening Noggins difficult.

I have received only three positive responses from the Guildford/ Dorking/ Surrey Hills areas. With so few responses it would seem unlikely that this would be a success. However I will set up a tentative meet when I have checked out a few more potential venues. My next News Brief will contain details of date and location.

I asked last time if there was any interest in running a Southern Counties Concours event. As I have received no responses I can only believe that there is no interest, therefore no such event will be organised.

And Finally
Our Honorary President of Southern Counties Centre  has decided, somewhat reluctantly, to sell his Red Frogeye Sprite so the following will appear in a forthcoming edition of RevCounter.

AH Red Frogeye Sprite for sale. 1960 car with 29475 miles on the clock and in overall good condition. Wire wheels and servo assisted brakes. One owner since 1989. £17500. Contact Derek Edwards on 07850 410830.

Thanks and Happy Healey Driving
Dave Colwell

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