February 2022 News Brief

Hello and Welcome to AHC 2022 – So here we are in 2022 and looking forward to a more normal year when we can all get out and about and enjoy our cars. Your Committee has already put together a Schedule of Events for 2022 and this is available to view on the Southern Counties Web Site and in RevCounter.

If you would like to see the full Schedule please follow the link below. Web Site
The first events for 2022 are in April, the first being The Daffodil Weekend which is based in Old Hunstanton on the North Norfolk Coast. This is a long standing Annual Event and is well worth attending. Anyone interested please contact Dave Wheeler via the link on the WebSite Schedule.

The Next event is the Annual Drive It Day which I understand will involve a scenic Drive around the Kent/Sussex Border and Coast. Contact is to Ed Friend via the Schedule link.

At present we have no Southern Counties Events in May but many members attend the Northern Event, this year being held in the Peak District and immediately followed by the Healey Drivers weekend which is also this year being held in the Peak District. 

June sees the return of Orchard Restorations Open Day when Robert and his team open their workshop with BBQ etc. This is always a good event and ideal to ask those questions of the experts that no one else has been able to answer. I know that Robert has done a lot of research on the E10 Fuel and it’s potential effects on Healey engines. He is able to make some modifications which can be beneficial and I have had my car so treated. 

July is the time for the Summer Picnic which this year is being held jointly with the Sprite and Midget Club and hosted by Jeff Snell. In previous years our long standing members Piers and Anne de Legh have looked after this event in true Austin Healey Club style but they have reluctantly decided that it is now too big a task. So much goes on behind the scenes to put these events on. However I am sure we shall see them there. Equally I would like to thank them both for all that they have done in past years to make such a success of this event. It is ideal for new members so we do hope you will come along.

Advance Notice re London to Brighton Run on 6th November
Please also note that Jeff Snell has reserved a number of places for Lunch at the Victory Inn on the green at Staplefield for the 6th November 2022 London to Brighton Run. Places are limited so if you would like to participate please register your name with Jeff Snell via the Event Schedule on the Web Site.

The full schedule is available on the website so please use the link above to have a look. Any questions or to book click on the Contacts Name or use the phone number.
Orchard Restorations Open Day

Long Lost Healey

During December I received a note from Mel Ward who looks after our 3000 Register regarding a lost Healey.
The car is a 1959 3000 MkI, BT7 and was registered as SCO 206 (this registration is now on another vehicle) and the Engine number was 29D/RU/H 5638. The car was used during the 1960s and early 1970s around the South of England but then sold. The gentleman’s family were hoping to find trace of the car for an 80th birthday celebration/reunification but the club registers hold no information on its condition or whereabouts. I offered to publicise this story in the News Brief in the hope it may jog a memory.
As the chances of finding the car are slim the alternative is to arrange a day with some club members when he can at least be near some cars and have a ride. This I will endeavour to do when the better weather arrives. If anyone remembers SCO 206 please let me know.

 Member Survey Progress Report

I promised to let you all know how we were progressing with implementation of the Action Plan which was published on the Web Site in the Autumn. Firstly we held a special planning meeting to agree the steps needed (the Action Plan requires a number of separate tasks  to be defined and allocated to Committee Members) against a time line, effectively producing a Project Plan.

I am pleased to say this plan is now in place and will be reviewed at each Committee Meeting and between if necessary.

Current Progress
New Noggin Areas and Organisers Agreed as follows:
East Kent-Mark Bethel, West Kent-Ed Friend,
East Sussex-Geri Barnden,
West Sussex-Nick Varlow,
Surrey-Keith Charie no change

Noggin Organisers will be emailing their revised local area members to seek suggestions for suitable venues where appropriate. Chosen Venues and Dates will then be advised locally via email, RevCounter, Facebook and Web Site.

Member Map Secure Local Communication
Confirmed available to SC and Tested.
Member Guide and Launch Documentation is included below and will be available on the website.

At this point I would like to tell you more about how the Member Map Works. Essentially it is based on a Google Map and using some of the features available it will display the approximate locations (based on the first part of the Post Code) of those Southern Counties Members who have chosen to participate. 

The approach taken (already in use by Northern Centre and approved for all other Centres) is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and is secure.

Please follow the instructions below to make use of this facility

Term and Conditions and a Code of Conduct will apply (displayed when first using the Map).

This facility provides numerous opportunities, ranging from social chats. to organising local outings/events. I would encourage all members to take advantage as the greater the use of the Map the greater benefit to members.

 Membership Map Instructions

Accessing the Membership Map

Access to the map can only be achieved through the Members’ Area on the National website: http://www.austinhealeyclub.com. If you are already registered for the Members’ Area, enter your email address and password at the top of the Homepage.

If not previously registered, click on Register which can be found at the top right-hand corner of the home page underneath Submit. Now follow the instructions displayed. When completed, sign on as described above.

On the menu bar at the top of the screen, position the cursor over the Members Area. A drop-down menu is displayed showing all options available including:

Member Map (Southern Counties).

Clicking on this will either display the map or, if using the map for the first time, a set-up page.

Set-up Page

This page displays the codes of conduct which must be agreed to before progressing.
Following a brief description of the map, is a checkbox which determines whether you want to be shown on the map. If you agree to be shown on the map, you will also need to specify a nickname. The system will check to ensure this is unique.

On completion, click on Save. The same screen will be displayed.

You can now click Go To Map to display the map.

Using the Map

Each time the map is used, a pop-up window will be displayed reminding you of Terms & Conditions and use of the map. Click on OK to remove this window.

A high-level map of the Southern Counties Centre will be displayed. Using standard Google Map options, zoom in on your local area.

Either blue pins or blue circles will reveal where members are and how many are in that area. A blue circle indicates that several postcodes are included in this area. Click on the circle and the map will zoom to a lower level showing where members are in more detail using blue pins. A blue pin represents just one postcode area and the number of members therein. Click on the pin and the nicknames of all those in that area will be displayed.

If you no longer want to be displayed on the map, or vice-versa, click on the cog symbol in the top right-hand corner of the map. The set-up page will be displayed which can be changed as required. Do not forget to Save the changes. Any changes made will only be noticeable the next time you display the map.

Sending Messages

To send a message to just one member, click on that member’s nickname. A text box will now appear where the message can be entered. A subject can also be entered, summarising the message content. When complete, click on the Send button to send the message. Pressing Cancel will delete the message without sending it. To send a message to all members in that area, click on the All in option at the bottom of the member list. Complete the text box as previously described.

Leaving the Map

To leave the map, click on the cog shown in the top right-hand corner of the map. The set-up page will be displayed. Move the cursor over the Members Area and a drop-down menu will appear. At the bottom of this menu, is an option to Sign out. Simply click on this and you will be returned to the Homepage of the web site.

Please give it a try and, of course any feedback will be welcome.Tail Pipe

Keith Charie received a note from a Member based in Gomshall asking if there was any possibility of holding a lunchtime Noggin in his local area (Surrey Hills/Guildford etc), this because family commitments made attending evening Noggins difficult. As the subject of lunchtime Noggins was raised in the Member Survey we thought it worthwhile pursuing this. 
So if there are any members in the general area of Guildford, Surrey Hills, Dorking, Godalming, Cranleigh, who would be interested in a Lunchtime Noggin please let me know and we will see if it is viable. 

And Finally

I would like to know if there is any interest amongst the membership in the running of a Southern Counties Concourse Event. Please let me know and if there is sufficient interest we will discuss how and when this might be arranged.

Thanks and Happy Healey Driving
Dave Colwell

 Southern Counties Attack on Test Hill at Brooklands MuseumCopyright © 2022 Austin healey Club Southern Counties, All rights reserved.

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