August update from the Chairman


The Latest International Healey Weekend (IHW)

The last edition started with some history going back to the 1985 IHW held by Southern Counties at Brands Hatch, so I thought it fitting to give you a view of the latest IHW held at Stanbrook Abbey, Worcester from 26th to 28th July 2021. I will not try to pre-empt the detail reports which will appear in RevCounter in due course but just a few lines to perhaps illustrate the change from 1985. Firstly 1985 was focussed around the cars and the racing with accommodation mostly camping with the cars, whereas 2021 was focussed around the cars but with scenic drives to places of historic interest and to appreciate the beautiful local countryside with some stunning views. The accommodation, a beautiful spacious hotel which had been a significant Abbey with many superb features included within the hotel. So a little different but maybe that reflects the age of the cars as well as the age of the membership!
I know that the dates had to change for various Covid related reasons, which precluded a number of members from joining but nevertheless the event was well attended with nine SC Members present. As to enjoyment it was a super event well run and delivering everything that was expected.

The pictures below from the visit to Eastnor Castle.

As a brief aside it is interesting to note that things don’t always go to plan. One of the things that members often say to me is, ‘ I don’t like to drive my car too far from home in case it breaks down’; well when we decided to leave Eastnor Castle it happened to good old USY 862. Ignition on, press starter and nothing! The car is fitted with a modern high torque starter motor but although it was taking electrical power (FSD on the Ammeter), it would not turn. After several further attempts and much looking and discussing with assembled interested members we decided on a push. So with our esteemed Club Chairman, New Forest Director and RevCounter Editor, giving me a push USY 862 burst into life at half a turn. We decided to head back to the Hotel with Brian and Steve ‘riding shotgun’. The car was then left till the following morning to make a decision on driving home or otherwise. Thursday morning, Ignition on, press starter and everything works so we drove back home without stopping the engine for 135ish miles. Car now in my garage while a decision is made on a solution (probably a new starter motor). But I was not the only casualty, there was also a clutch slave cylinder and a water pump failure. The important thing is that there is always help at hand when its really needed. Thanks for the push guys!

 Recent Events
The IHW was by no means the only event since my last brief. Given the gradual changes in Covid Regulations we were able to have Summer BBQ/Picnic on 27th June. This was once again hosted by Piers and Anne Delegh allowing use of their excellent field and facilities. Although the weather was indifferent the rain stayed away until the important things were done, so a success for the first post  lockdown event. Many thanks to Anne and Piers.

Next came the Daffodil Weekend traditionally held in Spring as the name suggests but unavoidably postponed to the first weekend in July. With great co-operation from the Le Strange Arms Hotel at Old Hunstanton the event was deemed viable and was much enjoyed by all the members who attended. Again I do not want to pre-empt the more detailed reports which will appear in RevCounter in due course but I think it important to highlight a few things. Unfortunately Dave Wheeler, who usually  organises this event with Ed Friend  was unable to participate but in true AHC style there was no shortage of people prepared to help Ed out with the organisation of things when needed. I would like to thank all those who helped to make the event a great success including Jonathan and Carolyn Woodrow, with a special mention for new members Nigel Betts and Anita Rowley who provided greatly appreciated assistance with car parking and joining administration on the opening day. Of course we cannot ignore the support provided over the weekend from our old friends Steve and Kathryn Everest who, due to moving to Norfolk, have defected to Eastern Centre; never mind Steve we don’t hold it against you. The photograph below shows Ed Friend standing next to the Healey 100 belonging to Peter Dulieu, judged to be the ‘Most Desirable Healey’ taking part in the event.

The next thing was the resumption of our monthly Noggin and Natters with the Kent Noggin on 13th July, with a really good attendance of happy members (not TOO happy I hope!). Thanks again to Ed Friend and Mark Bethal for sorting the location etc.

It is the intention to start the other Noggin & Natters for Sussex and Surrey in August so please do check the Web site for the latest information on DATES, LOCATIONS and TIMES.

 Link to Website
To finish a reminder about the next event and a note about the Members Survey Results. 

This new event has been added to our Centre Schedule for  8th August 2021 when there is an opportunity to visit Michelham Priory near Hailsham in East Sussex. Members and their cars will be able to cross the ancient entrance bridge across the moat and park up inside the Priory.  The site dates from 1229 so much to see. Please use the link to the SC Website and then the Events Page for more information. Nick Varlow has asked me to remind all members who are going to please bring their AHC Membership Cards. I know that this will be popular event so if you would like to go book with Nick, ASAP.

Just a reminder that we promised to publish the results of the membership survey in full on the Website. This has been done although not quite as quickly as expected. So apologies to those of you who were looking but could not find the said results because it was all down to me and a failure of communication.

With Best Wishes to you all

Dave Colwell
Director and Chairman

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