Addendum Message from the Chairman

Further to the Downing Street Presentation on Monday afternoon I thought it appropriate to add a few words to my News Brief regarding the events that now fall within the extended period of Covid Restrictions. 

Daffodil Run
Planned to go ahead. The hotel has provided assurance that it has suitable processes in place, meeting Covid Requirements to allow groups of six to be safely handled inside the building for table service of food and drinks. However it is essential that the groups of six remain as initially agreed, during the whole  event whilst inside the hotel and that all participants observe the rules regarding the wearing of face coverings and social distancing.

Summer BBQ (Picnic)
Planned to go ahead but limited to 30(Thirty) attending members. It is therefore essential that any members (New Members will be most welcome) who would like to attend phone Anne DeLegh (01342 713 744) to book a place.

IHW  at Worcester
May to go ahead under similar conditions to the Daffodil Run.

Meet at Michelham Priory
Confirmation that the date for this is still the 8th August and not 11th as in my previous message. Apologies for any confusion.

Shortly after sending out my June News Brief  I was advised of a couple of errors that had crept into the Text. All of my own making.

Firstly the early Noggin and Natters were held in the Royal Oak at Staffhurst Wood. Thankyou to John Ball and Bob Beaumont for pointing out and correcting my misunderstanding.

Secondly in the piece regarding the Survey Results this should have made it clear that the information will be loaded to the web site and accessible when the analysis is complete. At present this is still ongoing.

With Best Wishes to you all

Dave Colwell
Director and Chairman

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